Ceiling Fan RF Frequencies (North America)

Most of the ceiling fan remotes and receivers are manufactured by Rhine Electronic Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. We have tried to get specifications from Rhine but they have not responded to any of our queries. (If they didn't have their heads up their backsides, they would offer a 418MHz fan control for use with ProntoPro and Pronto NG.)

Remotes sold in the USA should have an FCC ID number on them. The FCC ID number can be used to determine the RF carrier frequency from the FCC Search page.

     Fego          FCC ID: M8CRL202       Freq: 315.540MHz                                       
     Honeywell     FCC ID: CHQ8BT7030T    Freq: 304.000MHz 
     ???           FCC ID: CHQ8BT7053T    Freq: 304.000MHz     
     ???           FCC ID: CHQ8BT7066T    Freq: 303.905MHz  
     ???           FCC ID: CHQ8BT7073T    Freq: 303.340MHz  
     Hampton Bay   FCC ID: CHQ8BT7078T    Freq: 303.875MHz 
     Hampton Bay   FCC ID: CHQSKU191-707  Freq: 303.875MHz
     ???           FCC ID: CHQ8BT7080T    Freq: 303.921MHz  
     Harbor Breeze FCC ID: CHQ8BT7096T    Freq: 303.904MHz 
     ???           FCC ID: CHQ8BT7097T    Freq: 303.895MHz
     ???           FCC ID: CHQ8BT7098T    Freq: 303.904MHz
     Regency       FCC ID: CHQ8BT9051T    Freq: 303.000MHz   
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX01        Freq: 302.500MHz   
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX02        Freq: 310.000MHz  
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX03        Freq: 310.000MHz  
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX05        Freq: 310.420MHz  
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX06        Freq: 310.982MHz  
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX07        Freq: 310.200MHz 
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX09        Freq: 305.000MHz
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX10        Freq: 250.000MHz
     Hunter        FCC ID: 1N2TX11        Freq: 350.000MHz
     Hunter        FCC ID: 1N2TX12        Freq: 350.000MHz
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX14        Freq: 304.100MHz 
     Hunter        FCC ID: 1N2TX15        Freq: 350.000MHz
     Hunter        FCC ID: IN2TX17        Freq: 303.700MHz 
     Emerson       FCC ID: F92SR120WWT    Freq: 303.500MHz
     Emerson       FCC ID: F92SR125       Freq: 303.500MHz
     Emerson       FCC ID: F92SR330       Freq: 417.560MHz
RF capable Prontos sold in North America can send 418MHz RF.

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