Power Line Carrier Amplifier

The Power Line Carrier Amplifier is designed to interface with the X10 TM751, coupling the amplified signal to both legs of the household wiring at the distribution panel. The amplifier schematic, shown below, can also be downloaded as a PDF. And, there is a downloadable PDF interface schematic drawing for the TM751.

This is a DIY project designed by Gus Dattilo, an electrical engineer in the utility industry who asked me to publish it here. It is not for beginners. The designer states, "I would not recommend this project to anyone who isn't familiar with the dangers of the AC power system in his house."

Both the PLC Amplifier and TM751 interface should be mounted in a plastic case like the Pac Tec DM-3 or a metal case like the Hammond 1402KV electrically connected to the distribution panel ground. If a metal enclosure is selected the amplifier circuit ground must be isolated from the case ground.

The photo, below, shows the amplifier circuit coupled to a TM751 device mounted on a test fixture. Note that the purple wire connected to the TM751 is used for testing purposes only. The black wire from the TM751 to the amplifier circuit is connection "C" in the schematic diagrams. The TM751 is plugged into an AC receptacle mounted on the test fixture for the purpose of making connections "A" & "B" in the schematic diagrams.

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