Ultimate X-10 Controller

Under Active Development (January 2017)

The Ultimate X-10 Controller interfaces with the CM11, CM11A, XTB-232, TW523, PSCO5, XM10, XTB-523, XTB-IIR, IR543, IR543AH, IR7243, IR7243AH, IR7243W, IRRF7243, TM751, RR501, TM13U, HCPRF and...

MicroSD card for timers, macros, IR codes, etc. Has IR learning capability. Optional wide-band, super-heterodyne, crystal controlled 310MHz (or 433.92MHz) RF receiver. Optional +5V power over coax for (optional) antenna preamp (+300' range) in base of eggbeater antenna.

The communication protocol will be published and I'll make the API open sores (my funetic spelling of open source). I hope to provide Android, iOS, Windows 10(phone) apps as well as PC applications for Windows, Linux and OSX.

Given my health problems2, odds are 50:50 on whether I can finish it before it finishes me. If I get the hardware designed and tested, I will try to find someone to distribute it long term.

Skies are expected to remain clear and sunny with absolutely no clouds in sight.

1. I had neurosurgery in 1968 to remove a subarachnoid cyst from my spinal canal in the C5-C6 area. The cyst was large and had compressed my spinal cord, resulting in ongoing problems that have worsened with age. In late 2014, X-Rays, an MRI, CAT scans and a myelogram revealed that my spinal cord is now stuck to the lining and to the bones in my neck. Surgery is risky and, even in the best case, would mean 3 months in the hospital and/or rehab facility. At 75, that is uninviting. Basically, I now have dysautonomia and exhibit most of the symptoms listed on the Wikipedia page. I'm a bit like a bobble-head doll, with nearly any movement of my head aggravating the spinal cord, making travel difficult even for short trips to doctors, etc. The left half of my body is mostly dead weight and I experience extreme pain episodes lasting hours, days or weeks. I lost use of my left arm/hand several years ago and now seem to be losing sensation in my right hand. Should I lose use of it as well, it will be hard to complete any projects requiring PCB assembly. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure 15 years ago and lost part of a lung to cancer 7 years ago.