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C-Bus Pascal Automation Controller
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The Pascal Automation Controller (PAC) is a DIN rail mounted C-Bus device which provides sophisticated and affordable control of a Clipsal C-Bus system. The PAC can perform operations in response to monitored events by executing custom written embedded programs. These programs are written by installers to suit individual application needs using the Microsoft Windows based Programming Interface for C-Bus Embedded Devices or "PICED" software.

The PAC provides control based on conditional logic, time scheduling, scene control, RS-232 strings or combinations of these. The unit is programmed using a combination of software GUIs, wizards and an extended version of the standard Pascal computer language, which includes customised commands specifically for C-Bus control.

One of the primary uses of the PAC is for installers to develop custom programs which utilise conditional logic. Conditional logic is based on conditions such as time values and C-Bus Group Address levels. The PAC is then programmed to perform actions based on these conditions. The PAC is a native C-Bus device and is able to interact with the complete range of C-Bus and C-Bus Wireless products.

The unit includes a built-in real-time clock and 192kB of user memory which allows installers to include up to 2,000 lines of code in their programs. The built-in EEPROM memory retains program information; there is no need for a backup battery or a separate memory unit to back up this information in the event of a power loss. An additional backup battery is only required for backing up the real-time clock following a power loss of more than 24 hours.

The PAC only requires a C-Bus connection to operate. It is powered from a C-Bus network and is connected to the C-Bus CAT5 UTP data bus in the same way as other C-Bus units. The PAC provides a USB interface through which programs are downloaded. The USB connection can also be used to communicate directly with a C-Bus installation via a PC. This allows the PAC to function as a PC Interface and can be used by the C-Bus Toolkit software when configuring a C-Bus installation.

The PAC supports multiple C-Bus networks and multiple C-Bus applications. It is possible to read from and write to RS-232 serial ports from the PAC. This enables interfaces to many automation and audio/visual products to be created. The two serial ports included can be used simultaneously.

  • Conditional and real-time events programming for C-Bus
  • Dedicated scheduling, logic and scene programming modules
  • Download programs from a PC to the unit
  • Connects directly to C-Bus
  • Powered from C-Bus
  • Compact size, 4M DIN modules wide
  • 2 x RS-232 ports for third party device control
  • Easy to understand and learn programming language
  • Microsoft Windows based programming GUI's and wizards
  • Command line programming for advanced programmers

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