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C-Bus PC Interface, USB
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The DIN rail mounted C-Bus PC Interface (or C-Bus PCI) is a C-Bus system device designed to provide a gateway between a PC and a C-Bus Network. Through the C-Bus PC interface, C-Bus Units can be programmed, commands can be issued to the C-Bus Network and activity on the C-Bus Network can be monitored. The C-Bus PC Interface uses a standard USB port connection and allows an external device with USB output to be interfaced to a C-Bus system.

Clipsal Integrated Systems offers a PCI Development Kit (5000DK) which enables third party developers to integrate their systems with C-Bus. The PC Interface can be programmed to generate the C-Bus system clock for communications data synchronisation on the C-Bus Network and also provides a software selectable Network Burden.

Installation of the C-Bus PC Interface on the C-Bus Network requires connection to the Category 5 unshielded twisted pair C-Bus Network Cable. The connection to a personal computer is via the USB connector. The unit incorporates C-Bus and Unit/Communications LED indicators. These LED's indicate if the unit is powered and functional, if sufficient C-Bus Network voltage is available, if a valid C-Bus clock signal is present and if data transfer is currently taking place.

Like all the other units that make up a C-Bus system, the DIN rail C-Bus PC Interface is Australian designed, developed and manufactured by Clipsal Integrated Systems Pty Ltd.

  • Provides a gateway between a PC and a C-Bus Network.
  • Provides a USB interface into a C-Bus Network for control and monitoring via a 3rd party device. Contact Clipsal Integrated Systems for more information.
  • DIN Rail mounted.
  • 4 DIN modules wide.
  • Requires connection to a C-Bus Network via an unshielded twisted pair C-Bus Network Cable.
  • 2 x RJ45 sockets provided for C-Bus connections.
  • Connection to a personal computer via a USB connector.
  • Capable of generating a C-Bus system clock for communications data synchronization.
  • Provides a software selectable Network Burden.
  • Consumes 32mA from the C-Bus Network.
  • Incorporates a Unit/Communications LED Indicator.
  • Incorporates a C-Bus LED Indicator.
  • Dimensions: H=85mm, W=72mm, D=65mm
  • Weight 104g.

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