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Indoor PIR Movement Sensor, 360 degree
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CE Approved

The C-Bus 360 Degree Indoor PIR Movement Sensor is a C-Bus input unit used to detect movement by sensing the natural thermal radiation emitted from any moving body. When movement is detected, the unit issues commands over the C-Bus network to control C-Bus output devices. The sensor is suitable for controlling lighting in homes, apartments, offices, corridors, conference rooms etc.

The sensor incorporates the C-Bus 'Learn Mode' feature. Learn mode allows the units to be programmed without the need for a PC to be connected to the system. Alternatively, the units can be programmed via a PC using the installation software.

The C-Bus 360 Degree Indoor PIR Movement Sensor has a 360° field of view and minimum detection coverage of 5 metres when mounted 2.4 metres above the floor, noting that the coverage is slightly elliptical.

The unit is small and unobtrusive and is designed to be flush mounted. It is ideally suited for mounting to the ceiling or to suspend from ceiling tiles. The visible lens is approximately the size of a low voltage dichroic halogen lamp.

The sensor is capable of controlling up to four C-Bus 'Group Addresses', with each being controlled for a different period if required.

An added feature is that each sensor includes an ambient light level sensor (Sunset Switch) feature, which automatically turns lights 'on' when the ambient light level falls below the threshold level (at sunset), and then turns the lights 'off' again at sunrise. Alternatively, the lights can be programmed to automatically turn 'off' at a set time after sunset. A light emitting diode (LED) on the sensor head can be programmed to turn on when movement is detected. This enables easy positioning and commissioning of the sensor.

The unit initiates a regular status report, which compares the status of all input and output units within the same C-Bus 'Application Address'. If a state disagreement exists between the output units and the input units, the C-Bus Indoor PIR Movement Sensor will change its internal state to suit the output.

  • Flush mount design ideal for mounting to the ceiling or ceiling tiles
  • Ideally suited for mounting in the centre of cellular offices
  • Discrete appearance ™ only 65mm diameter face is visible.
  • Low profile ™ only 8mm protrusion from the ceiling.
  • 50mm circular cut-out hole
  • 240V AC connection is not required
  • C-Bus Learn Enabled
  • 360° detection pattern
  • Minimum 5m detection coverage when mounted 2.4m above the floor
  • Capable of controlling up to four C-Bus 'Group Addresses'
  • An LED on the sensor can be programmed to turn on when movement is detected
  • Light sensitivity is set via an adjustment screw located on the sensor unit
  • Dual element detectors minimise false triggering
  • Refer to 5751L Installation Instruction for location and mounting details
  • Designed to meet Australian and European standards for EMC Compliance and Safety
  • Configured via either the C-Bus Installation Software or via the C-Bus Learn Enabled feature
  • Communication with other C-Bus devices and the supply voltage is obtained via a single C-Bus twisted pair cable
  • An inbuilt non-volatile memory retains programmed information of the unit in the event of a power failure
  • Initiates a regular status report, which compares the status of all input and output units within the same CBus 'Application Address'
  • A light emitting diode (LED) status indicator on the unit is used to report the current state of the load controlling device
  • Dimensions ™ sensor housing, W = 65mm, L = 115mm Dimensions ™ locking ring, W = 96mm, H = 13mm
  • Weight = 45g

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