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2114 to 6550 Memory Adaptor
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CE Approved
2114 18-pin DIP to 6550 22-pin DIP SRAM adaptor.

The old and harder to find 6550 SRAM is directly replaced by this modern, reliable 2114 SRAM module with a similar footprint. It is less power hungry and would result in up to 10 degrees C reduction in temperature. The Commodore PET interior will run cooler as more 2114 adaptors are used to replace the hotter 6550 memory chips. Fully tested on a dedicated chip tester and on a Commodore PET.

Please note that the adaptor has modern round pins which is not flat. This might stretch the stamped pin socket contacts on the motherboard after multiple insertions. A little light oil or contact cleaner should be added to each pin socket to assist with insertion. Alternatively, a separate stamped pin socket may be inserted first, with the adaptor inserted into that socket to preserve the integrity of the original motherboard socket.

Additional 6550 22-pin stamped pin socket is available from us.
The 6550 Memory Adaptor may be purchased without the 2114 SRAM if you have one already.

6550 SRAM main and video memory locations on the Commodore PET are as follows.
4k PET board assembly 320008, 320081: UJ5, UJ6, UJ7, UJ8, UI5, UI6, UI7, UI8, UC3, UC4
8k PET board assembly 320008, 320081: UJ1, UJ2, UJ3, UJ4, UJ5, UJ6, UJ7, UJ8, UI1, UI2, UI3, UI4, UI5, UI6, UI7, UI8, UC3, UC4
Replacement 2114 SRAM:
  • All Inputs and Outputs directly TTL Compatible
  • No Clocks or Refreshing Required
  • Low Power
  • Lower operating temperature
  • 300ns access time
  • Tri–state output for bus interface
  • Common Data In and Data Out pins
  • Single 5V supply
  • Standard 18–pin DIP Package
Specification as 2114. Fully compatible with Commodore PET.
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