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DIN Rail Power Supply - Single output 24V DC 420mA
[AMR1-24] - Stock: 10+

CE Approved

DIN rail mountable 24V DC 420mA power supply, suitable for industrial control equipment.

Universal input 90 to 264V AC with short circuit protection and internal input filter.

Low profile for building automation.

Suitable for use with the E5504GI - C-Bus 4 Channel General Input Unit, LSS5500NAC - C-Bus Network Automation Controller and LSS5500SHAC - C-Bus Wiser for C-Bus Automation Controller.

  • Universal mains input & 120-370V DC
  • Regulated, single outputs
  • 10W AC/DC DIN rail converters
  • -40°C to +71°C operation
  • Nominal Current 420mA
  • Low profile DIN rail mount profile (56mm)
Input Internal Fuse:T|A /250V AC
Rated Input Voltage:100-240V AC
AC Voltage Range:90-264V AC
DC Voltage Range:120375V DC
Rated Input Current:300mA
Inrush Current (115V AC/230V AC):<15A/<30A
Power Factor Correction:Meets EN6100-3-2 class A
Turn On Time:<1000ms after AC is applied to input at full resistive load
Turn On Time-with capacitive load:<1500ms W /3500 µF
Rise Time:<150ms full resistive load
Rise Time-with capacitive load:<500ms W /3500 µF
Over Voltage Protection:30-33V DC
Line Regulation:±1.0%
Load Regulation:±1.0%
Temperature Coefficient:±0.03%/°C
Initial Voltage Setting:24V±1%
DC ON Indicate(Green LED):19.2-21.6V
DC LOW Indicate(Red LED):19.2-21.6V
Ripple & Noise(BW=20MHz):<50mVp-p
Nominal Current:420mA
Rated Overload Protection:110%-165%
Output Short Circuit:Fold forward
Holdup Time(230Vac):>30ms
Fall Time:<150ms from 95% to 10% rated voltage @ full load
Isolation Voltage:3000V AC/4242V DC
Isolation Resistance:100M Ohm
Cooling:Free Air Convection
Temperature Storage:-40 to +85°C
Temperature Operation:-40 to +71°C
Derating:2.5%/°C from 61°C to 71°C
Humidity:20-95% RH
Case Material:Plastic
Max Required Free Space:25mm on all sides
Approvals and Standards
UL/cUL:UL508 Listed, UK1310 Class 2 Power, UK60950-1 Registered, ISA 12.12.01
TUV:EN 60950-1
CE:EN 6100-6-3, EN 55022, Class B, EN 61000-3-2, EB61000-3-3, EN6100-6-2, EN55024, EN6100-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8, -11, EN61204-3

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