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Apple II+/IIe VGA card
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This interface card gives your Apple II series a crisp RGB over VGA output for greatly improved picture quality. Higher precision 1% resistors are used in the DAC for greater colour accuracy. All IC sockets are turned pin for maximum reliability. Fully assembled and ready to be used in an Apple II series computer. External VGA connector board is included.

Note: An active VGA to HDMI adapter will be required if HDMI output is needed. This card is VGA only and cannot simulate other CPUs such as Z80 (CP/M).

Major features:

  • Generates a 640x480@60 VGA signal with 3 bits per colour channel using resistor DACs
  • Text mode (monochrome)
  • Lo-res mode with no colour fringing between the chunky pixels
  • Hi-res mode with simulated NTSC artifact colour
  • Mixed lo-res and hi-res modes with monochrome text and no colour fringing
  • Apple IIe video modes: 80-column text, double-lores and double-hires
  • Soft-monochrome mode to force display as if on a monochrome monitor
  • Some Video-7 RGB card extended graphical modes are implemented

Default firmware loaded is for the Apple IIe. If Apple II Plus firmware is required. Please let us know in the comments. Alternatively, follow the straightforward firmware update from the designer's website. This is an open source design by Mark Aikens. All design material including schematics and source code is available at https://github.com/markadev/AppleII-VGA. Please see simple firmware upgrade installations.

Summary of how to flash upgrade the Raspberry Pi Pico:

Remove the interface card from the Apple II. Hold down the BOOTSEL button on the Raspberry Pi Pico and connect it to your PC via a micro USB cable. Once the Pi Pico is connected, release the BOOTSEL button. The Pi Pico should be connected to the PC in USB mass storage device mode. A disk volume called RPI-RP2 will appear on the computer. Drag and drop the applevga.uf2 firmware file to that volume. The RPI-RP2 will update, unmount and the Pi Pico will start the program. Disconnect and reinstall on the Apple II.

Please note that the two jumpers on TP2 are for testing purposes and should not be used for normal operation. No jumper will be supplied unless requested. Thanks.

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