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Barix IO 12
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Barix IO 12

The Barix Barionet IO12 is a DIN mountable, I/O units for commercial control, signaling, switching, sensing and counting applications.

Using the industry standard Modbus protocol over 2-wire RS-485 the device can be controlled from any Modbus capable master.

Twelve outputs allow the use of the Barionet IO12 in a wide range of switching and signalling applications such as switching DC power for controls, fans, motors and relays or activating bells, door strikes, lamps/indicators and alarms etc.

Twelve opto isolated electrostatic discharge protected inputs are powered in groups of 4 by 3 separate external power inputs. For counting applications each input signal is directly fed into a counting register (up to 100 pulses/second) At the same time each signal is filtered (debounced) and stored in a state register for dry contact and push button applications.

Separate removable screw terminal blocks supporting wires from AWG28 / 0.08MM² UP TO awg16 / 1.3mm² are provided for power input, RS-485, inputs and outputs. To connect to other Barionet devices the Barionet IO12 features 2 extension connectors on both sides of the device carrying power and RS-485 signals (one extension cable included). A mounting bracket is available as an accessory.

Barionet IO12 supports Modbus/RTU protocol at speeds of 9,600 and 19,200 Bauds, with and without parity and is a low cost alternative to add I/O capabilities to Modbus systems. Up to 31 Barionet extension units can be directly connected to a Modbus Master such as the Barionet and can be increased to up to 250 devices using standard RS-485 repeaters.

Using the Barionet, the Barionet IO12 can be controlled by a local Basic application (BCL)as well as remotely using TCP, UDP, Modbus/TCP and SNMP.

Block Connection Diagram

Barionet IO12 Block Diagram
  • 12 solid state sourcing outputs (up to 1.5A @ 6 to 30VDC)
  • 12 ESD protected inputs (opto isolated in groups of 4 - 10 to 30 VDC)
  • RS-485 (2-wire) serial interface, Modbus/RTU protocol
  • 2 extension connectors for easy daisy chaining of power supply, additional I/O units (IO12) relay units (R6) etc.

Technical Data

Inputs:         12 opto isolated inputs (5 to 30 VDC),
             registered (30msec filter) and counted 
             (,100 pulses/sec), ESD protected in groups
             of 4 with separate power terminals (10 to 
             30VDC, polarity protected)

Outputs:         12 solid state current sourcing (thermal and 
             over current protected, max 1.5A each, max 
             6A in total, connector for external power 
             supply, 30 VDC max 

Serial Interfaces:    RS-422/485 (2 wire), 9,600/19,200 Baud, 
             8 bit, Even/No parity, software configurable,
             Modbus/RTU protocol

Connectors:       separate detachable screw terminal blocks for
             wires AWG28 AEG16 / 0.08² - 1.3 MM²
             2 extension connectors (3"/75mm cable inc.)

Misc:          2 LED for power and RS-485 send indication 
             Internal connector for default settings jumper

Power supply:      12 to 24 VAC / 9 to 30 VDC, 2 Watt max 

Case:          High quality plastic, DIN rail mount, 170g,
             4.13" x 3.34" x 2.83"/ 105mm x 85mm x 72mm 

Certifications:     FCC (A and B), CE (A and B)
             Emission EN60730-1:2000 (Class B)
             Immunity EN60730-1.2000

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