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Barix X8 Decentralized, digital Modbus I/O to RS-485 converter
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Barix X8 Decentralized, digital Modbus I/O to RS-485 converter
Barix X8 Decentralized, digital Modbus I/O to RS-485 converter that perfectly fits into any small box due to its tiny form factor.

Product Description

Barix BarionetX8 is I/O to RS-485 Modbus converter for commercial interfacing, control and home automation applications.

Using the industry standard Modbus protocol over 2-wire RS-485 the device can be controlled from any Modbus capable master.

Eight independent configurable inputs/outputs allow the use of the Barix Barionet X8 in a wide range of I/O applications:

  • General I/O to RS-485 converter (inputs and outputs)
  • WIEGAND reader to RS-485 converter (inputs and outputs)
  • Up to eight push buttons (inputs) or LED's for status display
  • Local temperature and humidity reading (inputs)

The eight I/O ports support TTL level (5VDC) with limited current range for outputs (supply voltage depending, 24 to 85mA total). For applications with industrial voltage level (10 to 30 VDC) and higher currents (max. 6A total) select the Barix Barionet IO12 instead.

Over the RS-485 interface each I/O port can be configured as either an input or an output. Outputs can be preset with a power-on value. I/O ports can be configured to support up to 16 1-wire temperature sensors, one humidity sensor and an access reader supporting the WIEGAND interface (data, tampering alarm, buzzer and LED).

Barix Barionet X8 supports Modbus/RTU protocol speeds of 9,600 and 19,200 Bauds, with and without parity. A 4-wire cable (2 bus, 2 power) can be used to connect other Modbus devices in a bus or a star configuration. Up to 31 Barix Barionet X8 converters can be directly connected to a Modbus master such as the Barix Barionet and can be increased to up to 250 converters using standard RS-485 repeaters.

Using the Barix Barionet, the Barix Barionet X8 can be controlled by a local Basic application (BCL) as well as remotely using TCP, UDP, Modbus/TCP and SNMP.

Two mounting brackets with 5mm holes allow mounting on surfaces but can be removed (predetermined braking line) if not used.

Block Connection Diagram

Barionet X8 Block Diagram


  • Eight independent, configurable I/O (inputs/outputs)
  • Modbus/RTU protocol
  • Connections for LED displays, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Wiegand interface

Technical Data

Connectors:       Power/RS-485, I/O (I/O, 5Vout,GND) and 
             service interface on spring contact
             connector blocks for wires AWG28 - AWG16 / 
             0.08 - 1.3 mm²

Inputs / Outputs:    8 I/O's (usage and power-on preset
             configurable over RS-485) on spring contact 
             connector block for wires AWG28 - AWG16 / 
             0.08 - 1.3 mm². Inputs with internal 10kOhm 
             pull-up. Max total 5Vout&outputs current 
             @(Vsupply): 24mA(30VDC), 

RS-485 / Protocol:    RS-485 (2-wire), 9,600/19,200 Baud , 8 bit,
             Even/No parity software configurable,
             Modbus/RTU protocol

Misc:          1 LED for power indication
             1 LED for RS-485 active send indication
             2 LED for internal status indication
             External connector for default settings jumper

Power supply:      12 to 24 VAC / 9 to 30 VDC, 1 Watt max. 
Case:          High quality plastic, 33 g,Ø 2" (2.75" 
             mounting ) h 0.9"/ Ø51mm(70mm mounting)
             h 23mm

Certifications:     FCC (A and B), CE (A and B)
             Emission EN60730-1:2000 (Class B)
             Immunity EN60730-1.2000

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