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Comfort C-Bus to KNX Translator
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CE Approved
The function of the CBUSKNX01 is to convert between CBUS and KNX signals so as to allow both Bus system devices to be installed in a single system. The product translates telegrams from CBus to KNX and vice versa. This is done by mapping a CBus telegram to KNX and vice versa.

The Bus Translator software is used to configure the mapping of addresses between the Bus Systems. The software does not do any programming of CBus and KNX; this must be done by the respective CBus Toolkit and KNX ETS tools. In the CBus to KNX mapping page, a CBus Application and group address is mapped to a KNX Group address of telegram type On/Off (1-bit), Relative Dimming (4-bit), Time, Date. Floating Point (2-byte), and Scaling (1-byte) according to the requirements of the installer. When a CBus message of the specified Application and Group address is received by the Translator, it sends a KNX telegram of the corresponding type to the KNX bus.

In the KNX to CBus Mapping page, a KNX group address of a specified type (On/Off, Relative Dimming, Time, Date, Floating, Scaling) is mapped to CBus Application and Group address. When a KNX telegram is received, the Translator will send a CBus Message of the specified Application and Group Address to CBus.

Up to 3000 group addresses can be added to the KNX to CBus and CBus to KNX tables.

The Date and Time can be synchronised between CBus and KNX.

  • PCB Module converts C-Bus to KNX and vice versa
  • Dimensions of PCB 108 x 88 mm weight 150 grams
  • C-BUS Applications Supported - Lighting, Trigger, Security, Clocks and Timekeeping, Zones, Custom
  • KNX Telegram types supported - 1-bit, 4-bit, 1 byte (scaling), 2 bytes (Floating Point), Time, Date
  • Up to 3000 Group Addresses can be mapped from one Bus to the other
  • Power Supply 5V DC 0.8 Amps (90V to 230VAC)
  • Built-in USB Interface for programing
  • Bus Translator Software for configuration
  • PCB Size 108 x 88 mm
  • Weight 150 grams
  • Mounting 4 x mounting holes offset 5 mm from each corner

Power Supply

5 to 12 VDC 0.5 Amps regulated


  • USB (A) - for PC Configuration using free Bus Translator software
  • KNX - 2 pin removable terminal block for wire termination to KNX bus.
  • CBus - 2 pin removable terminal block for wire termination to CBus bus

Accessories Supplied

  • USB Cable 1 meter
  • Mounting screws 4 x M3
  • Terminal Blocks 2 x 2 way removable

Electrical Isolation

The CBus and KNX buses are electrically isolated from each other as well as to the CBus to KNX Translator power supply.


  • Number of CBus Group Addresses: 3000
  • Unit Address of CBus Interface: 0 to 255
  • Applications and Commands Supported
  • Lighting ($38)
  • Trigger ($CA)
  • Zones ($01)
  • Security ($D0)
  • Clock and Timekeeping ($DF)
  • Custom ($02 to $FE)


  • Number of KNX group Addresses: 3000
  • KNX Device Address of KNX Interface: Can be specified
  • Telegrams Supported
  • 1 bit On/OFF - EIS 1
  • 4-bit Relative Dimming EIS 2
  • Time EIS 3
  • Date EIS 4
  • Floating Point - EIS 5
  • 1 byte (Scaling) - EIS 6
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