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X-10 DIN Rail Filter/Coupler
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The signal transmission of high frequency pulses via the mains network can be affected by active or passive interferences. When used correctly, the FD10 X-10 DIN Rail Phase Filter/Coupler will extensively suppress these interferences. Typical active interference sources are appliances that do not conform to the EMC regulations. In addition there are wireless intercommunication systems which use mains borne signalling. They transmit high frequency signals into the mains network. These disturbances are usually carried into the house network from outside, e.g. from neighbours or industrial installations. They are suppressed by the filter/phase coupler. Remaining interferences generated within the house network are without significance as the special dynamic filtering techniques of the X-10 system ensure undisturbed performance. The FD10 also includes the ability to couple X-10 signals across phases. For installation with three phases, use three FD10 filters and couple the filters by connecting their terminals K to the next phase respectively.

  • With the FD10 Phase Coupling Filter X-10 signals can be transferred from one phase to another. The X-10 system can be used in installations with 3 phases, in which wall sockets and switches are divided over more phases.
  • X-10 signals are often coupled by the way a 3-phase system is constructed, or by any connected appliances in the house. When the signals are not coupled across the phases, this needs to be achieved with a FD10 Phase Coupling Filter.
  • When using multiple filters in a multiple-phase system, all coupling filters need to be interconnected with a single wire.
  • Phase and Neutral have to be available before the module can be installed.

Key Features

  • Couples X-10 signals across phases for use of the X-10 system in a multi-phase installation.
  • Filters X-10 signals from the mains, to prevent signals come into or go out of the property.
  • Can be used to suppress interference of heavy loads on the mains (heavy tools, etc.).
  • Heavy duty design: 63A, 230V.
  • For full coupling of all 3 phases, 3 FD10 Phase Coupling Filters are required.
  • The FD10 Phase Coupling Filters can be placed directly behind the main switch at the distribution panel.
  • FD10 Phase Coupling Filters also adjust mains impedance inside a property compared to outside, which enhances the transmission of X-10 signals.
  • This configuration is ideal for use in showrooms and other rooms close to areas where heavy Machinery is used.

Technical data

Supply voltage:230V + 10% to 15% 50Hz
Maximum current:63 A
Filter centre frequency:120kHz
Filter bank width:5kHz min, (3 dB points)
Forward Attenuation:-20 dB min at 0 current, -15 dB min at 63A
Reverse Attenuation:15 dB min
Forward Input Impedance:20 Ohms min at 120 kHz
Coupling Loss:2 dB amx at 120 kHz
Connections:screw type terminals for phase (supply), phase (house), neutral, coupling
Ambient temperature:-10°C to +40°C (operation), -20°C to +70°C (storage)
Measurements:35x80x65 mm

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