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Comfort Intelligent Remote Input/Output (IRIO) Module
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Comfort Intelligent Remote Input/Output (IRIO) Module
The IRIO01 or Intelligent Remote Input/Output Module is a general purpose automation module with 8 inputs and 8 outputs. The IRIO has the flexibility to be configured for a variety of automation functions by plugging in a selection of submodules into 2 slots. Up to 15 IRIOs can be installed in a Comfort System.
The IRIO handles the automation functions in Comfort in a way that is easier to program and reduces wiring. Instead of programming Responses and Actions, Functions are selected, and mapped to Comfort registers like Flags, Counters and Sensors. For example, the Heating or Cooling function works by assigning the setpoint to a Counter and temperature to a Sensor Register. Putting a value into a Counter changes the setpoint, and comparing the temperature in the sensor register allows the IRIO to decide whether to turn on the heating/cooling relay.
The function is mapped to a Comfort Flag, so that setting the flag will start the function and clearing the flag disables it. The temperature is obtained from a TSM (Temp sensor module) thermistor in the Temp Sensor Input function or other means, e.g. via KNX, C-Bus or the TSM Temperature Sensor Module.
The TWS submodule for control of lighting by two way switch reduces wiring as it is not necessary to connect Inputs and outputs to Comfort. This submodule allows the current threshold to be adjusted so that it is able to handle all different lighting loads even low current LED lighting.
The Blinds submodule controls a Blinds motor without needing a separate Blinds controller. It is able to move the blinds up and down as well as position the blinds anywhere with the help of a built-in current sensor.
In some circumstances, the IRIO can operate stand-alone without the Comfort controller, if the IRIO input and output is mapped to the same Flag or Counter.


Each IRIO can accept two plug-in submodules from the list below;
  • ISM01 Digital I/O submodule
  • ISM02 Digital Outputs/Analog Inputs submodule
  • ISM03 IR (Infrared) submodule with current sensor
  • ISM04 Two Way Switch submodule
  • ISM05 Blinds submodule
  • ISM06 NO/NC relay submodule
  • ISM07 Relay I/O submodule
Note that the submodules are not included in IRIO. They are ordered separately as required. The IRIO can work with 1 or no submodules. The IRIO will detect what submodule is plugged in.
The IRIO baseboard has 2 programmable analog outputs (0-10V) for dimming and control which are always available.


Each Submodule may support Output functions and Input functions depending on which are supported by the submodule. Not all functions are supported by each submodule.
Output functions include;
  • On/Off
  • Heating/Cooling
  • 2 speed/3 speed fan
  • Air-con Interface
  • IR signal
  • TWS (Two way switch)
  • Blinds
Input functions include;
  • Digital
  • Pulse count
  • Current sensing
  • Analog Input 0-10V
  • Temp Sensor
Submodules can have 0, 2, or 4 Inputs.
Each submodule can only select the appropriate Output and Input function that is applicable for the hardware. Only the applicable functions for each submodule can be selected by Comfigurator. The table below shows the Output and Input functions available for each submodule.

Refer to manual for more detailed specification and configuration.
  • Size 120×88 mm IRIO baseboard. Mounting holes 98×78 mm (same hole locations as UCM).
  • Sockets to accept 2 IRIO submodules
  • 2 Analog Outputs 0-10 Volts on baseboard. This is suitable for driving loads with minimum 5K input impedance.
  • Power Supply: 12 Volts from Comfort or external power supply. IRIO current is 30 ma without any submodules. The current required by the submodules depends on the submodule used. Please refer to the relevant submodule manual for details. Note that the Maximum current supplied by each Comfort controller or Slave to all connected modules and devices is 1 Amp from the 12V output.

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