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Comfort Intelligent Remote Digital OP/Analog IP Submodule
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Comfort Intelligent Remote Digital OP/Analog IP Submodule
The ISM02 Digital Output/Analog Input Submodule of IRIO has 4 Open-collector and 4 Analog (0-10V) Inputs.


  • OP1/+12V/OP2 Output 1,2 connections. Centre is +12V
  • OP3/+12V/OP4 Output 3,4 connections. Centre is +12V
The Outputs are open-collector outputs, i.e. transistor outputs which pull down to ground when turned on.
  • INP1/COM/INP2 Input 1,2 Connections. Centre common ground
  • INP3/COM/INP4 Input 3,4 Connections. Centre common ground

Refer to the IRIO manual for instructions on setting the IRIO ID and meaning of the LEDs etc.
Outputs:Open Collector Darlington Transistor drivers limited to 500 mA Max each
Current Limit:Re-settable Fuse 0.6 Amps at 12V supply to Outputs (combined)
Inputs: Analog Input voltage limited by Varistor 30V
The analog input has an input impedance of 32 Kilo-ohms. Note that if the input voltage has a source impedance, this could reduce the voltage measured according to the resistive divider.
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