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Comfort Intelligent Remote Infrared Submodule
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CE Approved
Comfort Intelligent Remote Infrared Submodule
The ISM03 Infrared Submodule for IRIO allows learned Infrared signals to be transmitted to any of the 4 outputs in the submodule. The 4 Inputs on the submodule can be connected to external CSM03-CT current sensors to detect the current to the controlled device.


  • OP1/+12V/OP2 Output 1,2 connections. Centre is +12V
  • OP3/+12V/OP4 Output 3,4 connections. Centre is +12V
The Outputs are open-collector outputs, i.e. transistor outputs which pull down to ground when turned on.
IR Transmitters IR01W, IR03W or IRM01 can be connected to any of the Outputs in order to send the IR signals to the receiver.
  • INP1/COM/INP2 Input 1,2 Connections. Centre common ground
  • INP3/COM/INP4 Input 3,4 Connections. Centre common ground
Inputs can be connected to CSM03-CT current sensors for detecting current flow (if required). The Live wire of the appliance or air conditioner goes through the centre hole of the CSM03-CT current sensor . The CSM03 wires are connected to the input terminals. Polarity of CSM03 wires is not important.

Refer to the IRIO manual for instructions on setting the IRIO ID and meaning of the LEDs etc.
Outputs:Open Collector Darlington Transistor drivers limited to 500 mA Max each
Current Limit:Re-settable Fuse 0.6 Amps at 12V supply to Outputs (combined)
Inputs: Input voltage limited by Varistor 30V
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