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Comfort Intelligent Remote Blinds Submodule
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CE Approved
The ISM05 Blinds submodule for IRIO controls is designed to control blinds without needing a Blinds controller. The 230VAC supply is switched to the Up and Down relays to drive the blinds motor. This makes it possible to move the blinds to any position as a percentage of the full range. A built in current sensor allows the IRIO to know when the motor is in operation and when it has stopped so it can know more accurately its current position. The time required to move from one end to the other is constantly updated so that the IRIO logic can take into account changes due to motor aging. The IRIO can be used standalone for blinds control when Comfort is disconnected by using the manual Up or Down push button connected to the IRIO inputs.


To Motor
UP_MConnect to the Blind Up terminal
LIVE230V input (switched to UP and DOWN terminals). Live wires after passing through the Current sensor T1
DOWN_MConnect to the Blind Down terminal
To Push Button Switch
UP_SPush button switch for Blinds UP is connected between UP_S and COM
COMCommon connection for UP_S and DOWN_S switches
DOWN_SPush button switch for Blinds DOWN is connected between DOWN_S and COM

For up and down buttons, a short press of less than 2 seconds on the pushbutton will move the blinds while pressed. A long press exceeding 2 sec will move the blinds all the way by travel time. Pressing any of the buttons while the blinds is moving will stop the blinds.

Refer to the IRIO manual for instructions on setting the IRIO ID and meaning of the LEDs and Comfigurator programming.

Relay Specifications

Each Blinds Submodule has 2 Relays (UP, DOWN) to switch the 230V mains supply to the blinds motor.
Breakdown Voltage (Contact – Coil)1500VAC 1 min
Insulation Resistance1000 Mohms
Switching Capacity240VAC, 2A
Mechanical Life100 million cycles
Electrical Life100,000 cycles
Coil Resistance720 Ohms (17 mA operating current from 12V)
Only 1 relay can be turned on at any time so Up and Down cannot be both energised.

Current Sensor Specifications

The current sensor T1 is to detect the current flowing to the Blinds motor so that IRIO knows when the motor is running and when it is stopped. This allows the travel time to be calculated so that position of the blinds can be determined. Run the Live wire (NOT both Live and Neutral wires) through the Current Sensor T1 on the PCB before terminating to the LIVE Terminal. You may need to make 2 loops of the Live wire through the Current sensor before terminating at the Live terminal for very low current motors.
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