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Comfort Keypad KP04 with LCD White
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CE Approved
The KP04A Keypad incorporates a 2 line x 16 character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), enabling Comfort messages to be displayed. This allows users to see alarms, zones and warning messages without the need to sign-in to listen to the voice menu. The KP04 has a comprehensive voice menu. A key difference between KP04 and non-LCD versions (KP03) is that the Event Log is displayed as well as announced. The KP04A Keypad also receives Infrared codes from the RC01 handheld remote control or a universal remote control, allowing responses to be activated to control home appliances. A feature of the KP04 is its real time display of active zones and alarms. Hence a trouble alarm like "Phone Trouble" will be displayed on the LCD. For Communications Failures, the name of the device will be displayed e.g. "UCM 2", "Keypad 3", "Door Station 1", "Slave 1" instead of the more cryptic Communications Failure ID number. The KP04 includes a speaker and microphone for recording, intercom and voice announcements.Keypad with LCD in white colour ABS/PC plastic with white buttons with IR receiver, internal speaker and microphone. Up to 8 keypads can be used in a system.

The KP04A has programmable settings replacing the fixed shunts, is able to be changed via Comfigurator and has the ability to update its firmware.

The new KP04A and KP06A keypads are not compatible with Comfort 2 firmware < v6 and may show "Id Conflict" when connected to older versions of the Comfort firmware. To fix this, upgrade the firmware to Comfort 6 or later. Comfort firmware < version 6 can be upgraded only using the UCM firmware cable. Further information is available on the Comfort forum.

Keypads are used to

  • Arm and disarm the security system
  • Record or hear voice mail messages
  • Control Comfort through the Home Control Menu.
  • Intercom with other keypads, Door stations, and telephone
  • Receive infrared commands from RC01 and other remote controls
  • Hear Alarm sounds (sirens)
  • Activate short cut functions


  • Dimensions: 89 (W) x 160 (H) x 31 (D) mm
  • Weight: 177 g
  • 2 lines by 16 character LCD
  • Power Supply: 12V DC from Comfort System
  • Current Consumption: 50 mA idle (without voice)
  • Comfort IR codes received: RC01 codes
  • Speaker for Voice announcements, intercom and message playback
  • Microphone for message recording and Intercom
  • Up to 8 keypads per system (including touchscreens)

System Requirements

  • Comfort system with firmware version 7.061 and above.


The package consists of the following:
  • KP04A Keypad
  • 2 wall plugs and screws for mounting
  • 3 x 2 way removable terminal blocks

Connections to Comfort

  • JP1 - 12V/COM connector. Connected to 12V/COM (Comfort)
  • JP2 - KA/KB connector. Connected to KA/KB (Comfort)
  • JP3 - VOICE/MIC connector. Connected to KP VOICE/MIC (Comfort)


  • D15 (Red) - RS485 reply to poll
  • D16 (Green) - RS485 poll to Comfort
Both D15 and D16 should be blinking when communicating with Comfort.


It is recommended that shielded twisted 4-pair cable be used for the wiring between Comfort and the keypads to avoid interference from mains wiring and electrical appliances from causing noise on the microphone and speaker wires.

Jumper Settings

None - all settings using Setup.


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