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C-Bus Panel Mount Dimmer, 1 Channel, 240V AC, 20A, with power supply
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The C-Bus 1 Channel Dimmer Units are panel mount units employing leading edge phase control circuitry, with soft start for dimming control.

These dimmer units feature learn mode, local and remote overrides for on/off control, channel, C-Bus and Unit status indicators.

The dimmer channel is rated at 20 amps and is suitable for incandescent and low voltage lighting using magnetic and leading edge compatible transformers. Software algorithms found in the units, continuously monitor the incoming line voltage and automatically compensate for any changes in the voltage level by adjusting the output drive to the load. In addition frequency-tracking algorithms ensure flicker free operation and smooth dimming control.

The dimmer is constructed from an over-sized, rugged, anodized aluminum heat sink to dissipate any heat buildup in the unit. In addition the dimmers employ thermal overload and over-current protection, to protect the dimmer and load in case of a fault condition.

The dimmer units source 60mA to the C-Bus network, which means for small networks additional C-Bus power supplies are not required.

  • Provides 1 x 20A channels of dimming control.
  • Incorporates an inbuilt power supply capable of sourcing 60mA to the C-Bus network, when mains voltage is connected.
  • Capable of dimming resistive loads, inductive loads and electronic transformers compatible with leading edge dimmers.
  • Continuously monitors incoming mains voltage and compensates for any change in the voltage level by adjusting the output drive to the load.
  • Continuously tracks the mains frequency and adjusts the dimmer to ensure synchronisation to mains is maintained.
  • The C-Bus Installation Software can be used to monitor load current in each individual channel.
  • A special algorithm ensures that lights do not flicker due to signal injections on the mains.
  • Each channel incorporates thermal overload and overcurrent protection.
  • Incorporates a linear brightness control, which ensures the change in brightness is uniform throughout the control range.
  • Incorporates a Soft Turn ON and Soft Turn OFF feature, providing a soft change in brightness.
  • Configured via either the C-Bus Installation Software or via the Learn Enabled Features.
  • Local ON/OFF toggle buttons allow individual channels to be manually overridden at each unit.
  • Remote ON and OFF facility permits all channels to be turned ON or OFF without C-Bus network communication.
  • Incorporates C-Bus Network Status, Mains Power Status and Load Status indicators.
  • Capable of generating a C-Bus clock signal if enabled.
  • A network burden is incorporated and is software selectable.
  • An inbuilt non-volatile memory retains programmed information relating to the current operating status of the unit in the event of a power failure.
  • Communication with other C-Bus devices and the supply voltage is obtained via a single C-Bus twisted pair cable.
  • Electrical isolation between the safe extra low voltage C-Bus side and the mains voltage output side is provided to maintain safety requirements.
  • Dimensions: H = 240mm, W = 220mm, D = 75mm.
  • Weight 2200g.
Line Supply Voltage220-240Vac
Supply Frequency47-54Hz and 57-63Hz
Frequency Drift3Hz/minute (maximum)
Frequency Step Change0.1Hz (maximum)
C-Bus Supply Voltage15-36VDC @ 0mA
Load rating per channel20A
Overcurrent Shutdown24A
Minimum Load100W per channel
Current Sensing5-100% of full rated load, 5% accuracy
Control Range2-98%
Compatible LoadsIncandescent and low voltage lighting. Suitable for use with leading edge compatible electronic transformers.
C-Bus Source Current60mA
Maximum Number of Units on a Single C-Bus Network30
Status IndicatorsChannel Status (1), Unit and C-Bus
Warm Up Time5 seconds
Network ClockSoftware selectable
Network BurdenSoftware selectable
C-Bus Termination4 way removable screw terminal
Load Termination2 x 2.5mm² or 1 x 4mm²
Auxiliary ContactsnNormally open, 2.5A, 240VAC, voltage free, resistive
Operating Temperature0°C to 45°C
Operating Humidity0 - 95% RH, non condensing
CompliancesCE, RCM

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