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C-Bus Dimmer, 8 channel, 220V AC, 1A, with power supply
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CE Approved

The C-Bus DIN Rail Series Dimmers are C-Bus output units suitable for dimming incandescent & low voltage lighting. For ease of installation the units are DIN rail mounted. All units in the series incorporate the C-Bus 'Learn Mode' feature. Learn mode allows the units to be programmed without the need for a PC connected to the system. Alternatively, the units can be programmed via a PC using the installation software.

The dimmers feature eight leading edge phase controlled dimming channels. Each channel has a load rating of 1 Amp, capable of controlling incandescent lighting and low voltage lighting (utilizing iron-core transformers and electronic transformers compatible with leading edge dimmers). C-Bus connections are conveniently achieved at the unit through the use of RJ45 connectors, allowing similar units to be quickly looped together.

Two variants of the product are available.One incorporates a 200mA C-Bus power supply used to source current to the C-Bus network.The other is an economical model with the same features and performance, but does not include the 200mA power supply.

  • Provides eight leading edge phase controlled dimming channels in a 12M wide DIN rail enclosure.
  • 50Hz or 60Hz operation.
  • Load rating of 8 channels x 1A (230W per channel).
  • A special algorithm ensures that lights do not flicker due to signal injections on the mains.
  • Each channel incorporates thermal overload and overcurrent protection.
  • Incorporates a linear brightness control, which ensures the change in brightness is uniform throughout the control range.
  • Incorporates a Soft Turn ON and Soft Turn OFF feature, providing a soft change in brightness.
  • Units available both with and without an inbuilt 200mA C-Bus power supply.
  • Local ON/OFF toggle buttons allow individual channels to be manually overridden at each unit. Remote ON and OFF facility permits all channels to be turned ON or OFF without C-Bus network communication.
  • Incorporates C-Bus Network Status,Mains Power Status and Load Status indicators.
  • Capable of generating a C-Bus clock signal if enabled.
  • A network burden is incorporated and is software selectable.
  • Designed to meet European standards for EMC Compliance and Safety.
  • An inbuilt non-volatile memory retains programmed information relating to the current operating status of the unit in the event of a power failure.
  • Communication with other C-Bus devices and the supply voltage is obtained via a single C-Bus twisted pair cable.
  • CE Compliant

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