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C-Bus 12 Channel Voltage Free Relay, 240V AC, 10A, without power supply
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CE Approved

The L5512RVFP unit is a C-Bus relay-switching device designed to be mounted in electrical switchboards or similar enclosures. For ease of installation, it is DIN rail mounted, measuring 12 DIN modules wide. Twelve independent voltage-free relay contacts are provided for general switching applications. The units include all C-Bus Learning features, which allow the units to be programmed without the need for a PC connected to the system. Alternatively, units can be programmed via a PC and the C-Bus Installation software.

The unit have 12 10A rated relays for resistive (10A), inductive or fluorescent (1A) loads. The units consume no current from the C-Bus network during normal operation. Please note that the unit is without C-Bus power supply so sufficient C-Bus power must be available for the unit to operate. C-Bus connections are conveniently achieved at the unit through the use of RJ45 connectors, allowing similar units to be quickly looped together.

This Series of C-Bus units is capable of generating a C-Bus clock signal and providing a C-Bus network burden. Both the clock signal and the burden are selectable through the C-Bus Installation software. Local toggle buttons are included to allow individual channels to be toggled at each unit, as well as via C-Bus commands. Remote ON and OFF facilities are available, permitting all channels to be turned ON or OFF without C-Bus network communication. The unit optically isolates the mains power from the safe extra low voltage C-Bus network.

LED Indicators are provided to show the status of the C-Bus Network and the status of the unit. Like all the other units that make up a C-Bus system, the DIN rail C-Bus units are Australian designed, developed and manufactured by Clipsal Integrated Systems Pty Ltd.

  • Provides twelve independent voltage free relay contacts in an 12M wide DIN rail enclosure.
  • 50Hz or 60Hz operation.
  • Units available with 10A rated relays (resistive, inductive or fluorescent loads) and separate units with relays rated at 10A resistive and 1A fluorescent.
  • Up to 100 units without power supply or 10 units with power supply are permitted on any one single C-Bus network (255 networks available in a C-Bus installation).
  • Configured via either the C-Bus Installation Software or via the Learn Enabled Features.
  • Local ON/OFF toggle buttons allow individual channels to be manually overridden at each unit.
  • Remote ON and OFF facilities permit all channels to be turned ON or OFF without C-Bus network communication.
  • The C-Bus side and output stages are electrically isolated.
  • Incorporates C-Bus Network Status, Mains Power Status, and Load Status indicators.
  • Capable of generating a C-Bus clock signal if enabled.
  • A network burden is incorporated and is software selectable.
  • Logic states (and,or) configurable via installation software.
  • Relay interlocking feature selectable via installation software.
  • Incorporates power recovery options to restore loads 'as was', 'off' or 'on'.
  • 2 x RJ45 sockets are incorporated to facilitate the C-Bus connection.
  • Supplied with a 300mm C-Bus Category 5 patch lead complete with pre-terminated RJ45 connectors.
  • The output terminals accommodate 2 x 1.5mm2 or 1 x 4.0mm2 cable.
  • EMC Compliant to meet the requirements for marking with the CE and RCM marks.
  • Incorporate magnetically latching relays.
  • Capable of being programmed via the installation software without the need for a mains connection.
  • Draws 18mA when being programmed and no mains connection is made.
  • When a mains connection is made, then the unit does not draw any current from C-Bus.
  • Dimensions: W=215mm, H=85mm, D=65mm.
  • Weight: 600g.

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