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Lantronix MSS100 Device Server
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Lantronix MSS100 Device Server

Product Description

The Lantronix MSS100 Device Server (used/reconditioned) is an easy way to connect a serial device to a network, resulting in more efficient manageability of devices. The MSS100 allows you to remotely operate and manage RS-232 serial devices over the LAN, WAN, or Internet and replace dedicated PCs and lengthy serial cables with fast and reliable network technology. This remote access enables you to save time and money, while also providing easier management from any browser anywhere.

Powered by a 32-bit processor, feature-rich operating system, high-speed serial interface, and 10/100 Ethernet port, the MSS100 provides the performance needed for demanding and multi-tasking operations such as:

  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Building Automation
  • Security Systems
  • Manufacturing/Automation
  • Easy to Configure and Manage

MSS100 is easily manageable through HTTP, SNMP, Telnet, or a supplied Windows GUI. It allows easy upgrade via Flash ROM and includes Lantronix Com Port Redirector software, enabling Windows applications to communicate to remote networked devices.

Besides being easy to configure and manage, the MSS100 is a highly programmable solution for serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. Its robust performance and compact size make it a prime candidate for everyone. The MSS100 incorporates advanced serial data-handling capabilities and Lantronix's proven network-enabling technology, allowing virtually any asynchronous RS-232 serial device to communicate over the LAN, WAN, or Internet.

Please note that this is a used product but in good working condition. It has been tested and upgraded to the latest Lantronix firmware revision where possible. As it is a used product, we are pleased to offer a three-month return-to-base warranty.

Lantronix SDK

The Lantronix Software Developers Kit (SDK) allows you to customize the behavior of your MSS in more ways than are available via the standard command set. You can write programs for the MSS that handle serial and network data, and store the finished programs on the MSS Flash ROM so they always run when the MSS boots. For example, you could write an application that monitors industrial or medical equipment and sends email when certain conditions are met.

The most important part of the Lantronix SDK is a set of software in the MSS called PUC (Portable Universal C) that provides a C language environment for programming. The user writes standard C code, with some limitations. The MSS compiles the C code into a bytecode and then executes the bytecode. The Lantronix SDK also includes documentation, sample code, and an OEM customization guide to assist developers in writing their own applications for the MSS.

The SDK is for anyone who needs customized software that is not available on the MSS, whether it be a network wrapper for a serial device, a custom protocol, or a non-standard means of access or control such as generating email, transferring a file via FTP, or creating an SNMP MIB.

Using the SDK comfortably requires some experience with programming in C. SDK users should have experience using file I/O operations under C, because that is how the serial and network data is handled. If you have used sockets libraries under Unix or Windows, that knowledge will help.

The Lantronix SDK is intended to take over the MSS' basic function: moving data from serial to network and vice-versa. The user's C code can read from or write to the serial port, accept network connections, make decisions based on serial or network data, and more. Applications have access to most of the built-in functionality of the MSS.

You can accomplish amazing things with application-level programming. You do not need to learn, implement, modify or debug any of the OS-Level code. Instead, you can rely upon the proven technology of the MSS to provide a TCP/IP protocol stack, serial flow-control, NVR and filesystems, network time, timer, FTP server, web server, and SNMP functionality, all in a familiar UNIX-like way. You can use these core building blocks to implement a wide variety of functionality.

The SDK does have its limits, which are usually tied to the limitations of the server hardware involved. First, it has no hard real-time abilities. This means that you cannot write an SDK application to control high-speed or high-precision serial devices that need microsecond-level decision-making capability. Second, there is no direct access to any of the MSS hardware. You could not, for example, write a custom PC card driver for the MSSVIA, or enable both the Ethernet and PC card interfaces at the same time. Third, there is no access to the core of the MSS operating system. You would not be able to implement your own non-IP protocol stacks.

Package Content

  • Lantronix MSS100 device server
  • 100-240V AC Power Supply Unit
  • UK 3-pin plug to IEC mains cable
  • CD-ROM of associated software and documentation

Key Features

  • DB25 serial port with full modem controls and speeds up to 230 kbps.
  • CD-ROM with EZWebCon and Com Port Redirector software.
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet.
  • User programmable in interactive C.
  • SDK documentation available.

Serial Interface

Connector:One DB25 Male DTE
Data Rates:300 bps to 230 kbps
Characters:7 or 8 bit
Stop Bits:1 or 2
Parity:Odd, Even, Mark, Space, None
Flow Control:XON/XOFF (Software)
RTS/ETS (Hardware)


Standards:TCP/IP, IPX, LAT
Interface:One 10/100 Ethernet port
Protocols Supported:TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, TFTP, SNMP, ICMP
Modem Controls:RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR
Device Support:Supports any RS-232 asynchronus serial port device requiring Ethernet access
Management:HTTP, SNMP, EZWebCon- (Lantronix's management software), Telnet, LAT logins, and DHCP
Software:Flash ROM standard downloadable from a TCP/IP host (TFTP download), DECNET host (MOP download), NetWare file server, or EZWebCon
Diagnostic LEDs:Link, OK, Power, 100Base-T, Network activity


Ethernet:Version 2/IEEE 802.3/IEEE 802.3u
Agency Approvals:FCC (A), C/UL, TUV, CE (B)
Power Requirements:5V DC @0.7A (external AC adapter included)


Operating Temperature:5° to 50°C (41° to 122°F)
Storage Temperature:-40° to 66°C (-40° to 151°F)


Dimensions (HxWxD):0.9 x 2.5 x 3.5 in (2.3 x 6.4 x 9.0cm)
Weight:0.35kg (0.8 lbs)
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