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Comfort Remote Input/Output Module
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CE Approved

The Comfort Remote Input/Output (RIO) Module extends the input and output capabilities of the Comfort security and home automation system. Each RIO Module has 8 input and output points. Up to 15 RIO modules can be connected to a Comfort II ULTRA system providing a further 120 non-alarm inputs and 120 outputs.

RIO Input Functions

  • Receives Comfort IR codes (with the same function as the KP03/KP04 IR receiver) from the RC01 remote control or universal learning remote controls to trigger Comfort Responses. An infrared receiver modules IRR01 or the IR Dome must be connected to the input to receive IR signals.
  • Accepts a switch contact (or digital 5V logic level signal) to trigger responses when the contact is opened and/or closed.

RIO Output functions

  • Provides digital 12V/0V open collector outputs
  • Drives LEDs (with a series resistor) for indication purposes.
  • Transmits infrared (IR) remote control signals by connecting an Infrared LED transmitter (IRM01, IR01W, IR02W)
  • Drives 8 reed relays on the RLY02/8 module to provide dry contacts for external triggering.

The combination of inputs and outputs can be used as Scene Switches, providing status indication via the RIO outputs. These inputs and outputs are not part of the 64 Inputs and 64 Outputs of the Comfort Control panel, LEMs and SEMs. They are numbered as input/output 129 to 248.

RIO Inputs cannot be used as Alarm Inputs. They have no alarm function, and are used to activate Responses via switch contacts or infrared signals.

The IRD01 IR Dome is a combination IR Receiver and Transmitter which can be mounted on the ceiling to be used with the RIO.


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