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Comfort Slave Expansion Panel Standard Enclosure
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CE Approved
The Comfort Slave Expansion Panel is supplied in a metal enclosure EN01 310x350x95mm with transformer and Slave Expansion Module SEM01.

The Comfort Slave Expansion Module (SEM) allows Comfort II to be expanded beyond 16 Inputs and 16 Outputs. Each Slave contains 8 inputs and 8 outputs, which can be expanded by connecting LEM01-M2 (8 inputs, 8 outputs) or LEM02-M2 (8 inputs).

The SEM01-M2 has a built-in regulated power supply and is the same size as the main Comfort panel. For a slave without the regulated power supply look at SEM02-M2. Other than the physical size and input power requirements, the function of SEM01-M2 and SEM02-M2 are the same.

Zone Inputs

  • 8 fully programmable zones expandable to 16 with Local Expansion Module(s) (LEM)
  • Each zone configurable for 0 or 2 end-of-line resistors
  • Up to 32 predefined Zone types to simplify zone configuration
  • Surge/Over voltage protection for each zone

Open-collector Outputs

  • 8 open collector outputs on main board, expandable to 16 with Expansion module(s).
  • Each output can drive an external relay or infrared transmitter for remote control appliances.
  • Selectable Pulsed or Steady output activation.
  • Programmable Infrared signals (air conditioners, home entertainment, etc.) at any output.
  • Over voltage and Surge-protected outputs.
  • Maximum 300 mA current limit for all 8 outputs on SEM. 300mA current limit for all 8 outputs on LEM01-M2s

Power Supply

  • SEM01-M2 has a built-in regulated 13.8V voltage supply and battery charging circuit. Supplies 1A DC max to 12V, S12V and outputs combined.
  • 12V and S12 outputs are protected by a resettable fuse 1.8A
  • Quiescent current 50 mA max, 25 mA typical (14V DC supply)

Auxiliary Supply Outputs

  • 12V unswitched supply
  • S12V switchable supply (programmable for reset operation)
  • Note: Both 12V and S12V auxiliary supplies and 8 Outputs have a combined continuous current limit of 1A, protected by a common resettable fuse of 1.3A

System Supervision

  • Individual Zone tamper (open-circuit or short-wiring) with 2 end of line resistors
  • Dedicated 24 hour Tamper input

Input/Output Expansion

Each Slave Expansion Module can be expanded using one of the Local Expansion Modules
  • LEM02 - Local Expansion Module 8+0 (8 zones, 0 outputs)
  • LEM01 - Local Expansion Module 8+8 (8 zones, 8 outputs)
  • LEM03 cannot be used with SEM01 or SEM02
Each Slave can support a total of 16 inputs and 16 outputs. 3 SEMs can be installed in a Comfort System, giving a system capacity of 64 inputs and outputs. The LEM03 (16 input 0 Output LEM) cannot be used with a SEM, and cannot be connected to the main Comfort panel when a SEM is also installed.


SEM01-M2: 230 x 130 mm.

Alarm Outputs

  • Siren (12V) Output
  • Speaker output for Internal speaker 8 ohm to 32 Ohms - From firmware SEM 5.167
  • Strobe (12V) Output - From firmware SEM 5.167

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