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X10 Transceiver Module
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This is NOT the ALL-HOUSE CODE version of the TRANSCEIVER MODULE - setting the house code to P will NOT control all other house codes

The TM13U X10 Transceiver Module responds to wireless radio signals from any X-10 wireless remote control or wireless wall switch. It retransmits over the house wiring, any signals it receives from these wireless remote controls or wall switches. A built-in UK appliance switched outlet responds to signals received on the powerline or to RF signals received from any X-10 remote control.

The TM13U responds to serial control messages in "standard" X-10 format. i.e. All Units Off from any X-10 controller set to its house code regardless of unit code or alternatively individual unit control by "On" or "Off". The TM13U can be polled for its status by the CM11 or by any controller using the "professional" X-10 format. When used with the CM11 interface the TM13U acts as the RF gateway to get signals from any X-10 wireless RF transmitter onto the AC wiring to be received by the CM11 interface to initiate macros. As the transceiver is simply inserted into wall sockets like an ordinary plug, there is no installation to be carried out. Just set the wheel on the front to the desired house code.

Note that the unit of the built-in appliance module is always set to unit code 1. eg. When the red house code dial is set to A, the address for the built-in appliance module would be A1.

Typical Applications

This is a general purpose unit for the smallest to largest applications. It can be a starter kit with an X-10 RF transmitter for remotely turning on and off any light or appliance. It is ideal as an entry point to X-10 in general, especially where computer control is not an option. Equally it can be the interface for multi-function macros.

Key Features

  • Controls the full X-10 RF addressing range.
  • Built-in UK appliance switched outlet.
  • Compatible will all European X-10 wireless remote controls at RF 433MHz.

Technical Data

Supply voltage:230V ±10% 50Hz
Supply current:<=20mA capacitive
Making capacity:2A (inductive load)
5A (resistive load)
EMC emission:According to EN50081-1
EMC immunity:According to EN50082-1
Electrical safety:According to EN60950 & EN60065
RF receiver frequency:433.92MHz
X10 Powerline:120kHz ±2kHz/5Vpk-pk
Signal sensitivity:15 mVpp min,50mVpp max @120 KHz
Input impedance:>=180,ohms(L-N)at 120kHz
Approvals:CE Approved
Ambient temperature:-10°C to +50°C (operation) -20°C to +70°C (storage)

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