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Comfort UCM C-Bus Interface
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CE Approved
Current version CBus Firmware 2

The Comfort system can be interfaced to Clipsal's C-Bus. This allows Comfort to control and monitor any Group Address on the C-Bus by connecting the CBUS wires, without the C-Bus PC Interface. Comfort can act as a controller or gateway or the C-Bus system, providing the following benefits to a C-Bus system:

  • Tele-control through any telephone inside or outside the premises to control and monitor the status of devices on the C-Bus
  • Able to send any C-Bus command, activated by Comfort's keypads, Time Programs, Comfort iPhone app, telephone or any Comfort event
  • Allows alarm inputs and alarm conditions to be linked to C-Bus for true integration of alarm and lighting.
  • Allows C-Bus switches to trigger Comfort Responses, allowing control of non C-Bus appliances like air-conditioners, home entertainment systems, and linking to all of Comfort's security and control functions.
  • Allows C-Bus switches and inputs (e.g. temperature, light sensors) to trigger alarms to dial-out to programmed telephones when preset levels are exceeded.
  • The C-Touch Mk2 touchscreen can be used as a keypad for Comfort, and can display zone and alarm status.
  • Acts as a gateway to other systems e.g. Honeywell Smartfit heating controller, X10 Power Line Interface, Comfort Webserver etc..
  • Functions as a central controller for C-Bus. C-Bus is a distributed system with each device having its own intelligence and able to respond according to its own device type and the way it is programmed. In an intelligent home or office environment, it can be desirable to have a controller which is able to co-ordinate the functions of all the subsystems including security, lighting, HVAC, and others. Comfort is able to take action based on conditional logic, for example, when the time is between 7 PM and 7 AM and the security system is armed, and when the front door is opened, turn on the hall lights for 3 minutes. This would not be possible with C-Bus using Group address linkage alone.
  • UCM/CBUS 5.216 and above is able to send Label commands to DLT (Dynamic Labelling Technology) switches to dynamically change the text on the LCD

Cytech Technology is a CBus Enabled Partner, and Comfort is a certified C-Bus Enabled product.


  • Size 108 x 88 mm UCM baseboard with C-BUS SIM (Serial Interface Module) daughter board.
  • Power Supply: 12V 30 mA (supplied from Comfort)
  • Connected to C-BUS via bus cable (2 wires). Comfort is electrically isolated from C-Bus.
  • Sends messages to 256 Group addresses for Lighting Application or other applications though local or remote network C-Bus Networks.
  • Monitors Lighting Application Group Addresses for 256 Group addresses 0 to 255.
  • Synchronises the date and time between Comfort and C-BUS via the Time/Date Application.
  • Comfort implements the C-Bus Security application. Comfort automatically sends Alarm information which can be displayed on C-Touch. The following status messages are supported: Armed/disarmed, Exit Delay Started, Entry Delay Started, Alarm Active, Tamper active/Inactive, Panic Active, Battery Status, and Status Reports 1 & 2. The following Security Control messages are supported: Arm system, Activate/deactivate Tamper, Activate Panic, Emulate Keypad, Status 1 and 2 Request.
  • C-Touch can simulate a keypad allowing entry of user code and arming/disarming of Comfort.
  • Comfort automatically sends zone information to C-Bus using a user-defined application 01, allowing display of zones in real time on C-Touch.
The package includes:
  • UCM /CBus with plug-in C-BUS SIM module with firmware version UCM/CBus 5.154 or above. This UCM type cannot be used to upload/download using Comfigurator. The function of this UCM is only to communicate with the C-Bus. The C-BUS SIM Module provides am interface between the UCM and the C-BUS network.

    Comfort Requirements:
  • Applicable to Comfort II, for all firmware versions. For Comfort I, firmware 4.204 and above only is compatible with the C-Bus Date/Time and Security Application, which are used for operation with the Clipsal C-Touch touchscreen.

    Version numbers subject to change without notice.
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