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Comfort UCM KNX2 Interface
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CE Approved
The Comfort system can be interfaced to the KNX (formerly EIB or Instabus bus manufactured by Siemens, ABB, Jung, Gira, Merten and others. The UCM/KNX is a second generation interface between Comfort and the KNX bus, replacing the UCM/EIB which was introduced in 2002. This allows Comfort to communicate with the KNX Bus via Group Addresses. Comfort provides the following benefits to a KNX system:
  • Tele-control using any telephone inside or outside the premises to control and monitor the status of devices on KNX.
  • Allows control from Comfort's keypads.
  • Allows control by Comfort's Time Programs.
  • Allows Comfort's Webserver Module (CWM) to provide Internet access to control and monitor KNX devices.
  • Allows alarm inputs, alarm conditions and set/unset status to be mapped to KNX group addresses.
  • Allows KNX buttons to trigger Comfort Responses, allowing control of non-KNX appliances like air-conditioners, X10 devices, home entertainment systems, and linking to all of Comfort's security and control functions.
  • Allows a simulated keypad on a KNX touchscreen to arm and disarm the security system using the users security code just like a real keypad.
  • Synchronise Comfort's real time clock to KNX devices. Comfort has automatic Daylight saving adjustments and Sunrise/Sunset times based on location.
  • Read Temperature and other sensors on the KNX bus or supply temperature readings or set points to KNX.
  • allows KNX switches and inputs (e.g... temperature, light sensors) to trigger alarms to dial-out to programmed telephones when preset levels are exceeded.
  • Bypass security zones and view the status of bypassed zones.
  • Functions as a central controller for an KNX network. In an intelligent home or office environment, it can be desirable to have a controller which is able to coordinate the functions of all the subsystems including security, lighting, HVAC, and others. Comfort is able to take action based on conditional logic, for example, when the time is between 7 PM and 7 AM and the security system is armed, and when the front door is opened, turn on the hall lights for 3 minutes.


    • Size 108 x 88 mm UCM baseboard with 60 x 40 mm daughter board.
    • Power Supply: 12V 30 mA (supplied from Comfort), isolated from KNX.
    • Connected to KNX Bus via bus cable (2 wires).
    • Supports 2-level and 3-level group addresses.
    • Able to send telegrams to any Group address on KNX.
    • Any physical address can be assigned to UCM/KNX.


      The following is required:
    • UCM/KNX Module (minimum firmware KNX5.195).
    • Comfort II system with firmware version "5.145" or above.
    • Comfigurator 3.2.5 software or above, which can be downloaded here fromCytech Technology
    • UCM05/USB/Ethernet firmware UCM 5.192 or above for programming.

    UCM/KNX and UCM/EIB upgrading

    The UCM/KNX replaces the older UCM/EIB which had more limited functionality. UCM/EIB firmware is up to 5.132 while UCM/KNX firmware is at least 5.191 as determined by reading the label on the U1 IC. The UCM/KNX PCB has an additional EEPROM IC U2 in an IC socket, which is just below the Reset Button.

    If the U2 EEPROM IC is present on the UCM/KNX PCB but the firmware is EIB 5.132 or older, this can be upgraded to the latest UCM/KNX using Comfigurator and the UCM05, UCM/USB or UCM/Ethernet. The latest UCM/KNX firmware "KNX 5.xxx" can be downloaded from the Cytech website atCytech Technology.


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