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Comfort UCM USB Interface
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The Universal Communications Modules allows Comfort to connect via RS232 interface, USB or Local Area network to a computer or external equipment. The UCM/USB has a USB interface for connection to the USB port of a PC. The UCM/USB is supported by Comfigurator 3.0.0 onwards. UCM sub-modules:
  1. UCM06 is the baseboard to which RS232/F, R232/M USB01, ETH01 daughter boards can be added to make up UCM/232, UCM/USB and UCM/ETH02 respectively. The UCM06 allows the flexibility of using different interfaces by plugging in the appropriate daughter board.
  2. USB01 daughter board. Plugs onto UCM06 to make UCM/USB.
  3. ETH02 daughter board. Plugs onto UCM06 to make UCM/ETH02.
  4. RS232/M and RS232/F daughter board with Male and Female RS232 connectors respectively. Plugs onto UCM06 to make UCM/232M and UCM/232F.
The UCM/USB, /ETH02 and /232 have the following common functions:
  • It allows configuration on the U2 EEPROM on the UCM to be transferred to Comfort. This is a useful tool when programming, testing or troubleshooting Comfort installations.
  • The Comfigurator software requires the UCM to read and write the configuration file to Comfort.
  • It allows a PC or other controller to communicate with Comfort allowing third party products or software (e.g. Wizcomfort) to work with Comfort. The Comfort command protocol can be requested from support@cytech.biz for the purpose of development of third party interfaces or software.
  • It also allows Infrared signals to be learned and saved as .ifr files which can be assigned to Comfort IR codes via Comfigurator.
  • Allows other Flash-based Comfort and UCM firmware to be upgraded using Comfigurator Firmware Upgrade.
  • Comfort Voice/Vocabulary (new version of language) can be written to Comfort using Comfigurator.

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