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Comfort UCM Universal Interface
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CE Approved
The Comfort UCM/Universal supports two way communications with many 3rd party systems which do not have a dedicated UCM Interface. The communication interface may be by RS232, RS485 or Ethernet using plug in sub-modules. The UCM/Universal can be configured to match the external device baud rate and other communication parameters. The UCM/Universal allows commands to be sent from Comfort and messages to be received from the external device according to the external protocol. The UCM/Universal can be configured to match received messages from the external device and map to counters or sensors, or to cause Responses to be triggered in Comfort.

The following benefits are available when the external device is integrated to Comfort:
  • Tele-control and status monitoring through any telephone inside or outside the premises to control the 3rd party device.
  • Allows control from Comfort keypads, remote control or any user interface, or automatic scheduling using Time Programs.
  • Allows the 3rd party user interface e.g. button to trigger a Response in Comfort to control any device linked to Comfort and be mapped to Comfort counters or sensors for monitoring.
  • Allows alarm conditions to be linked to the 3rd party device for integration of alarm and lighting.

Please note that the UCM/Universal may not handle all communication protocols on third party devices. If in doubt, please contact Cytech at support@cytech.biz


  • Size 108 x 88 mm baseboard with 10 way connector for plug-in sub-modules.
  • Power Supply 12V 50 mA (supplied from Comfort)
  • Data bits: 7, 8
  • Serial Baud Rates: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 76800
  • Parity: None, Even, Odd
  • Data Type: Hexadecimal, ASCII-Hex, ASCII Decimal
  • Header Bytes - select 0 to 2 header bytes
  • Terminator - Select Terminator byte or no terminator


  • UCM Universal
  • White RS485 4-way cable 330 mm.
Interfaces for UCM/Universal:
The UCM/Universal can interface with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet using the appropriate sub-modules mentioned below. Hence it does not come with any fixed interface. The UCM/Universal interfaces (Ethernet, RS232) to the external device, NOT to the computer for programming with Comfigurator. Use a normal UCM/232F, UCM/Ethernet, or UCM/USB for programming the UCM/Universal.

The following sub-modules can be used with UCM/Universal:

  • RS232M: This is the RS232 Interface with a Male connector. It is supplied without a RS232 Cable. Use a straight through RS232 Cable (male to female) to connect to the 3rd party device with a Female RS232 connector.
  • RS232F with a female RS232 Connector is also available to connect directly to a device with a male RS232 connector (like a computer serial port)
  • ETH03: This is the interface to the Ethernet Local Area Network with a RJ45 Socket. A LAN cable is not supplied. Use the DS Manager software which is bundled with Comfigurator 3.5.0 onwards (download from http://www.cytech.biz/comfigurator.html ) to configure the IP address.
  • AUX485: This is an isolated RS485 Interface. The terminal blocks V+/V- are for connection to the 12V power supply of the external device. The KA/KB terminals are for the external RS485 data - this is NOT the same as Comfort's internal RS485 KA/KB. The AUX485 V+/V- and RS485 are electrically isolated from Comfort.

The Sub-modules are supplied with mounting standoffs, screws and terminal blocks where required. The submodule should be plugged in via the 10 way male header to the P1 female header on the UCM/Universal. Make sure the pins fit fully into the 10 way P1 header and are not misaligned. Standoffs are provided to fix the submodule onto the UCM/Universal.


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