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C-Bus Wiser Home Controller MkII
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Wiser™ Home Control Mk II gives your customers seamless management of their lighting, air conditioning, music, home theatre, watering systems, curtains and blinds, security, energy and more.

Whether they're at home or away, Wiser Home Control Mk II gives them 24/7 connectivity from their smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. And the graphic user interface (GUI) is consistent across all of their smart devices, so navigation is a breeze.

Your customers can take complete control of their homes, simply by becoming Wiser!

The intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) has jargon-free language and self-explanatory icons, making it easy for anyone to use. And no matter which control device your customers are using, the consistent look and feel of the control interface makes navigation a breeze.

Wiser Home Control Mk II is a simple, user-friendly solution that brings your customers' electrical, multi-media and telecommunication worlds together.

It allows them to monitor and control their homes from anywhere and at any time using a smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.

Your customers will be able to control their homes from anywhere and at any time, through the secured wireless connection.

Wiser Home Control Mk II is a scalable solution, which is flexible and easy to upgrade. Whether it's for basic home control or an elaborate set-up, there's a Wiser solution to suit your customers' needs.

Wiser homes go beyond just looks and comfort -- they also give your customers a simple way to address environmental issues and the need for sustainable energy solutions. Having an eco-friendly home isn't just about saving money; it's about minimising energy wastage through smart planning.

The Time Scheduling function lets your customers plan when they'll be around the home, then Wiser will take care of the rest.

Becoming an eco-warrior is simpler than you think, with Wiser!

Please note that GUI can no longer be viewed on a web browser at the moment as Flash has been discontinued by Adobe.

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi based controller for C-Bus® System.
  • Dual internal connections enable the Wiser controller to remain connected to the C-Bus system, even when configuring via the Wiser C-Bus connection (using Toolkit programming software).
  • Wiser can control lighting, air conditioning, multi-room audio, blinds/curtains, watering systems, security and more.
  • Includes pre-configured graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and widgets for consistent appearance and functionality across all supported devices.
  • Includes options for wired Ethernet or wireless client connection to home network.
  • On an mobile device (eg. iPhone, iPad, Android) or on a HDMI connected monitor. Please note that GUI can no longer be viewed on a web browser at the moment as Flash has been dropped by Adobe.
  • Supports control of user interface (UI) on HDMI connected devices, through consumer electronic control (CEC) codes using the device’s own handheld remote control.
  • Supports network time protocol (NTP) for accurate time and date retrieval from the Internet.
  • Includes onboard C-Bus Ripple server for use with C-Bus Multi-Room Audio solution.
  • Purpose designed C-Bus system controller
  • Resides as node on the Home network
  • Single Ethernet (LAN) connection
  • Wi-Fi client only (not a Wireless Access Point)
  • Dual C-Bus (internal) connections on one single physical C-Bus connection
  • Can be used with external CNI if no physical C-Bus connection is available
  • User interface on PC (via Web Browser)
  • HDMI connection for user interface on a display monitor or TV
  • Support for CEC codes through HDMI
  • USB sockets and SD card slot
  • Supports USB keyboard and mouse
  • Storage of surveillance images
  • Onboard memory for storage of images, logs etc.
  • Scene and scheduling capabilities onboard
  • Full Logic Engine capabilities onboard
  • Control devices such as lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC, blinds and irrigation
  • Allows remote access to re-program Wiser and C-Bus from outside the home/building
  • Future integration with many IP based devices
  • C-Bus Multi-Room Audio (MRA) support with onboard Ripple server and client
  • Support for DHCP (client)
  • Supports fixed IP address
  • Support for DYNDNS services
  • Support for NTP with client definable server locations
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) support
  • CIFS/SMB file sharing support
  • Support for User and Location profiles
  • Support for 20 channels of power monitoring and logging
  • Comprehensive Wiser diagnostics functionality
  • Multiple installation options; on a desktop or with AV equipment, on shelving or in an equipment rack and also wall mounting (using keyhole points)
  • User interface on portable devices such as mobile phones and web tablets (via dedicated Android and iOS Apps) providing complementary control of native C-Bus on-wall devices. Please note that GUI can no longer be viewed on a web browser at the moment as Flash has been discontinued by Adobe.

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