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Comfort Temperature Sensor Module Aluminium Surround
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Comfort Temperature Sensor Module Aluminium Surround
The TSM01 is a versatile Temperature Sensing and Control module with a Temperature Alarm Monitoring mode. It includes the TSM01 module, a TH01 thermistor sensor and single gang back box.


  • External TH1 Thermistor Sensor connected by Terminal block.
  • Display of Temperature in Celsius, mapped to Comfort Sensor
  • Display of Setpoint mapped to Comfort Counter. Enable or Disable Setpoint is mapped to a Comfort Flag.
  • Up/down keys adjust the Setpoint and enable/disable the setpoint.
  • Assignment of Comfort Output to control relay to achieve setpoint.
  • Heating or Cooling Mode.
  • Programmable Hysteresis
  • Temperature Alarm Monitoring by mapping to Virtual Input in Comfort. This allows a Temperature alarm to be activated when the temperature exceeds the setpoint by programmable alarm offset. The Alarm can dial to mobile phones or trigger SMS messages via the UCM/GSM module. Restore Temperature by SMS is possible.
  • Calibration of Temperature reading is possible
  • in-wall or surface mount back boxes are available
  • Standard 1 gang 55 x 55 size European frame compatible with many manufacturers like Merten, Gira, Jung, ABB etc
  • Up to 15 TSMs in a network.
  • Comfigurator is used to program TSM01 and upgrade firmware.


  • Units: deg Celsius
  • Resolution 1 degree C
  • Accuracy +/- 1 degree C
  • Range 0 deg to 60 degrees C
  • Up to 15 TSM01s in a Comfort, Logic Engine or UCM/Logic network.
  • Current : 20 mA Idle
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