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Comfort GSM Module version 4 (3G)
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CE Approved
The UCM/GSM4(3G) provides a cellular phone connection to Comfort. This gives Comfort the following features:
  • Acts as a backup for alarm dial-out when the land line is faulty. Alternatively, it can be used as the primary dialler without a fixed telephone line, for installations where a telephone line is not available.
  • Allows the user to dial to the GSM number instead of the fixed telephone line to access Comfort Voice menus.
  • Allows Comfort to report alarms via SMS (Short Message Service). The SMS message will show time stamp, alarm type and Zone or User name.
  • Allows authorised Mobile phones to send commands to or check the status of appliances and the security system via SMS. Each phone can be independently authorised to arm, disarm, and access automation control.

In order for the UCM/GSM4(3G) to be used, there must be a 3G network in the area. It is not compatible with 2G only networks.

The UCM/GSM4(3G) requires a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card to be inserted, just like with a cellular phone. This can be a prepaid card, or one which is billed monthly according to a usage plan.

New Features in UCM/GSM4(3G)

  • Zone and Alarm Names (32 characters) are stored in UCM/GSM4(3G) EEPROM
  • 64 Customised messages can be sent by SMS
  • Help Messages are sent by SMS
  • Query Security Mode and Control Status
  • Home Control SMS Command will reply with Status
  • Arm/Disarm Security System will reply with Security Mode status
  • Alarm SMS messages from Comfort include Time Stamp
  • Alarm SMS messages from Comfort includes User Names instead of Number for user alarms e.g. Arm and disarm
  • Each Phone has Permissions for SMS Arm, SMS Disarm, SMS Control
  • Support for non-English character sets using UCS2 (future upgrade)

UCM-GSM4(3G) Specifications

  • PCB Size: 108 x 88 mm
  • Power Supply (from Comfort): 12V 50 mA (idle), 250 mA (transmit)
  • Operating Temperature: 0-55°C
  • Network: 3G only
  • SIM Card Interface: - 3V/1.8V
  • Relative Humidity: < 95 % RH non condensing
  • U2 EEPROM 24LC256 (256 K Bits)


The following equipment is required:
Comfort II with firmware version 7.036 or higher. Not compatible with Comfort 1.
Comfigurator version 3.7.5 and above.
UCM/GSM4 Firmware 7.xxx and above.

SIM Card

A SIM (Subscriber Information Card) must be used in the GSM Module. This may be a prepaid card or one which is billed monthly as part of a service plan. However, it is not advisable to use a prepaid card as the user would not know when the amount remaining has been used up.

The SIM card or plan must allow sending of SMS.

If incoming SMS commands are to be accepted, then Caller ID must be enabled. This may incur an additional charge.

The SIM card must not be PIN protected.

The SIM card will come with a telephone number. Use this number to dial to the system via the GSM module.


The UCM/GSM4(3G) package contains the following*:
  • UCM/GSM4(3G) module
  • 5-way audio cable
NB The plug-in submodule may contain GSM modules from different manufacturers due to availability, but all have the same functionality.

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