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Comfort Home Automation Controller
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CE Approved
The Comfort LGX01 Home Automation Logic Engine is a programmable automation controller which can receive inputs from many different sources and act logically on the information.

In addition to its own logic functionality, the LGX01 has interfaces to all the major home automation systems such as C-Bus, Crestron, KNX, Lutron, Modbus, Z-Wave and others via a range of Universal Communications Modules (UCM) modules.

A plug-in Ethernet interface UCM/ETH03 allows access through the Comfort Android and iOS apps to control any automation function in the LGX01 as well as programming by the Comfigurator (Comfort configuration) software tool.

The LGX01 has 8 inputs and 8 outputs expandable to 96 I/Os. 32 Time Programs allow for the scheduling of automation responses.

Inputs can be connected to switches, motions sensors or current sensors, and each input's On and Off state change can be used to trigger an automation response.

Each of the open-collector outputs can be used to drive relays or send infrared signals to IR emitters to control appliances like heating, air conditioners and AV equipment.

A wide range of interface modules include Intelligent Remote Input/Output(IRIO) modules, Temperature Sensor Modules (TSM01), and UCM interfaces to C-Bus, KNX, Modbus, Z-Wave etc.

File System Memory (U4)File System 36 (256 k)
Maximum No. of Inputs96
Maximum No. of Outputs96
Control Menu Groups8
Control Devices per Group10
Control Actions per Device10
Commands on Home Control Menu800
Time Programs32
Sunrise/Sunset times, Daylight savingYes
User Sign-in Codes16
Zone Types31
IR Code Memory (Send)8192 bytes (typ 250 codes)
Codes per Response8
IR Receive Codes128
RC01 Rooms/ScenesYes
User Timers64
Comfort Protocol by RS232, Ethernet etc.Yes
SEM01 (slave expansions)5
RIO01 (remote I/Os)15
PCB Size
  • 130 x 110 mm
  • OP03 submodule with 8 open collector outputs on main board, expandable to 16 with Local Expansion Modules, and 96 with Slave Expansion Modules. The OP03 is supplied with the LGX01.
  • Each output can drive external relays or infrared emitters for Infrared remote control.
  • Programmable Pulsed or Latched output activation.
  • Infrared codes can be sent to any output.
  • Maximum combined output current of 600 mA for all 8 outputs, 150 mA max for any one output.
  • Over voltage and surge-protected outputs.
LAN/USB Interface
  • Plug in LAN Interface Ethernet or USB submodule for Comfigurator programming or iOS/Android Apps. (the submodules are not included and must be ordered separately.) This means that a separate UCM is not necessary.
Power Supply
  • Wall Mounted Universal Power Supply 90 to 264 VAC Input, 12VDC 1 Amp output with EU or UK plug.
Auxiliary Supply Outputs
  • 12V unswitched output for powering external devices and RS485 modules.
  • 12V programmable switched supply. (S12V)
  • Note: Both switched and unswitched auxiliary supplies and 8 outputs have a combined continuous current limit of 1A.
  • Nonvolatile memory maintains configuration during total removal of power.
Other Features
  • Time Synchronisation with Internet Time servers via ETH03 (optional).
  • 32 Time Programs.
  • 1024 Programmable Responses with If/Then/Else conditions. Comfigurators Response wizard allows programming of Responses for any application.
  • 64 User-programmable timers for programming.
  • Sunrise/Sunset times depending on location or city with automatic Daylight Saving time change.
  • Control Menu for Comfort iOS/Android apps with 8 control groups, each group with 10 control keys, each control key with 10 actions.
RS485 Bus
LGX01 is a Bus master on an RS485 Bus. This allows any LGX01 module to be installed in the network including UCM/KNX, UCM/CBUS, UCM/Zwave, UCM/USB, UCM/ETH03, UCM/Universal, IRIO, HIO, TSM.
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1 x ART_PB_Dimmer-8ch - Pre Built 8 channel dimmer (L5508D1A) enclosure
1 x ABB-1SPE007715F0752 - ABB Terminal carrier, 12 modules
1 x UCM/Modbus-ETH - Comfort UCM Modbus Interface Module - Ethernet
1 x TSM01-AL - Comfort Temperature Sensor Module Aluminium Surround
1 x IPAM302 - Barix IP Audio Module 302
1 x DCDALCIP250-2 - DALIcontrol Two Line DALI Power Supply and Serial Interface
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1 x FR2-CYT-WH - Comfort Keypad KP06 LCD keypad Frame 2 Gang, Plastic White
1 x UCM/GSM4(3G) - Comfort GSM Module version 4 (3G)
1 x NSYSDM1000x800 - S3DM 234M (6 x 40) Enclosure Transparent Door + Chassis
1 x NSYSDM1000x600 - S3DM 168M (6 x 28) Enclosure Transparent Door + Chassis
1 x IRIO/01 - Comfort Intelligent Remote Input/Output (IRIO) Module
1 x ISM01 - Comfort Intelligent Remote Digital I/O Submodule
1 x ISM02 - Comfort Intelligent Remote Digital OP/Analog IP Submodule
1 x ISM03 - Comfort Intelligent Remote Infrared Submodule
1 x ISM04 - Comfort Intelligent Remote TWS Module
1 x ISM05 - Comfort Intelligent Remote Blinds Submodule
1 x ISM06 - Comfort Intelligent Remote NO/NC Relay (0 Digital Inputs) Submodule
1 x ISM07 - Comfort Intelligent Remote NO/NC Relay (4 Digital Inputs) Submodule
1 x 5080LC8 - Saturn Prelabelled Button Caps
1 x UCM/Modbus-485 - Comfort UCM Modbus Interface Module - RS485
1 x R5044NLZW - C-Bus Saturn Zen A-series 4 key White
1 x ER5041NLZB - C-Bus Saturn Zen E-series 1 key Black
1 x ER5041NLZW - C-Bus Saturn Zen E-series 1 key White
1 x ER5042NLZB - C-Bus Saturn Zen E-series 2 key Black
1 x ER5042NLZW - C-Bus Saturn Zen E-series 2 key White
1 x ER5043NLZB - C-Bus Saturn Zen E-series 3 key Black
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1 x ER5044NLZB - C-Bus Saturn Zen E-series 4 key Black
1 x ER5044NLZW - C-Bus Saturn Zen E-series 4 key White
1 x KP04A-WI - Comfort Keypad KP04 with LCD White
1 x MSS100 - Lantronix MSS100 Device Server
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