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6502 NOP Generator
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CE Approved
A compact fully assembled 6502 NOP generator which is invaluable for troubleshooting a faulty 6502 computer. The 6502 NOP generator has the 6502 data lines tied so it will continually execute the NOP instruction and exercise the address lines. A logic probe, logic analyser or oscilloscope may be required to check the address lines due to the high speed signals.

Additional LEDs show the status of RDY, IRQ, NMI and RESET lines for easier detection of stuck lines.

The 6502 NOP generator should be inserted into the included stamped pin IC socket for protection of the 6502 NOP generator pins and the socket on the computer.

This is only the NOP generator itself and the stamped pin IC socket. The 6502 IC in the photos is only to show example usage and is NOT included. A working 6502 will need to be inserted for the 6502 NOP generator to work.

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