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Apple II ProDOS bootable 1MB read-only drive
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The ProDOS ROM card will allow an Apple II and variations to fast boot into a fully functional ProDOS install without requiring a floppy drive. It achieves that in under two seconds with no wear and tear. Contents of the ROM card are permanent and read only so the programs are always available.

The ProDOS ROM card is preprogrammed with ProDOS, the serial/audio/Ethernet ADTPro client and an example selection of games and utilities.

CiderPress or another utility supporting the Apple ProDOS filesystem can be used with the blank ROM image to create your own custom software selection.

Below is an example of the structure of the EPROM.


The supplied EPROM is a 27C801 UV erasable device. A suitable UV EPROM eraser and an EPROM programmer, such as the Minipro TL866, will be required to reprogram the EPROM. Care should be taken when removing and inserting the 32-pin EPROM. Please note that only ProDOS compatible programs may be run with this particular firmware implementation. Apple DOS programs cannot be used unless the program is amended appropriately. Full firmware source code is available from the designer's GitHub page below.

This expansion card may be used in any of the Apple II expansion slot and will be the first to boot regardless of any disk controller present. To boot from a normal disk controller, please select BASIC.SYSTEM to exit to ProDOS and type PR#6 to boot from that device as per normal.

ProDOS ROM Drive v2.5 design and firmware by Terence J. Boldt.

  • Apple II expansion slot compatible
  • ROM size: 1MB
  • ProDOS size: 2044 blocks (1022kB)
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