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Single Zone Thermostat - no on-board relays, Black Fascia
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The C-Bus Single Zone Thermostat is a wall-mounted thermostat with an easy to use interface. The applications for this product include Hotel Rooms and smaller residential C-Bus installations (eg apartments). From the user's perspective, the unit provides the following functionality:
  • Allows the user to manually set the temperature for the air conditioning system
  • Allows the user to select the mode of air conditioning. i.e. Heating, Cooling, Ventilation
  • Provides a method of customising the operation of the unit.

The unit allows manual fan speed control (where the controlled HVAC plant allows for this). This can be enabled or disabled using a configuration parameter during commissioning. The unit incorporates a 'Setback' or 'Economy Mode' feature which allows the unit to operate with a wider than normal temperature range around a Setpoint. This is usually used when the home or building is unoccupied. Setback allows energy saving, whilst maintaining a degree of comfort. The Setback feature is enabled or disabled via a C-Bus Lighting Group Address. All thermostat control parameters are accessible via C-Bus, from the C-Bus Toolkit software. The unit responds to C-Bus HVAC application messages and broadcasts the displayed temperature on C-Bus to enable other C-Bus devices to be able react to this information (eg, C-Bus Colour Touch Screen or Pascal Automation Controller).

Electrical Features

Temperature SensorAn on-board sensor is used for temperature measurement. The accuracy of the sensor is ± 0.5°C, with a 0.5°C resolution. The temperature set-point may be set from 10°C to 30°C. The unit is able to display temperatures from ™10°C to +37°C
On/Off ButtonPressing the on/off button in the off state causes the unit to turn on and enter cool, heat or fan mode, dependent on which was last used. Switching the unit off via the on/off switch causes the connected A/C unit to switch off
Mode ButtonThe mode button allows the user to select between Heating, Cooling and Fan only operation. The current mode is indicated by icons on the integral LCD. If heater plant is not programmed as enabled (via the unit set-up by the installer) the icon does not appear when the Mode button options are cycled through by the user
Operating CurrentThe unit draws 40mA at nominal C-Bus operating voltage
Operating VoltageThe unit operates from nominal C-Bus operating voltage of 15-36V DC.
LCD BacklightThe LCD includes white LED backlighting
Beeper/BuzzerTo provide audible feedback confirmation of a button press to the user, the unit is capable of emitting a 'Beep' and a 'Buzz'. This feedback is optional, with a parameter set in the C-Bus Toolkit GUI

HVAC Control Unit software parameters:

Selection of single/multi stage compressor operationIf the C-Bus HVAC application message indicates that high cooling/heating is required, and the control of the unit has these options enabled, then multi-stage operation and/or auxiliary heating can be enabled
Minimum output cycle time This sets the time between HVAC equipment turning off and turning back on again. This allows the HVAC equipment time to release pressure in the gas lines before it eestarts
Power-on Delay A delay of 30 seconds from power on to control relays becoming activated is incorporated. This is to protect the compressor from short cycling in the event of a short power outage
Minimum on time This sets a minimum time that the HVAC equipment is on. This stops the HVAC equipment from running in short bursts
LCD temperature displayThe LCD can display temperature in °C or °F

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